Calling all PrimaDonnas

For those of you who know me and those of you who don’t, I am not a fuller busted lady! So when it came to writing this blog post about the PrimaDonna Touch me range, I enlisted the help of one of our gorgeous ladies who I now class as a friend! We first met in December 2014, not long after we opened our doors. I was instructed to “put my boobs back to where they belong!” It was on this day our lady converted to being a lover of a PrimaDonna lingerie!

PrimaDonna is a well-established and sought after lingerie brand who have been devoted to women’s Curves since 1865. PrimaDonna takes great care in not only ensuring all their ranges look stunning but feel amazing too. It’s the simple details that we can’t see. For example no other manufacturer wraps the underwiring in rubber to ensure complete comfort! PrimaDonna are one of the leading lingerie brands in Rigby and Peller and many independent lingerie boutiques that specialise in fitting.

Having previously been fitted at a well-known High Street retailer, on our first meeting back in 2014 our lady was wearing a 36 DD. Her actual size is a 32F!  I fitted her in one of PrimaDonna’s continuity lines the A La Folie Full cup bra and it fitted like a glove, lifting the bust and allowing our lady to see her small waist and enviable curves! Since then we have tried other brands but none match up to the shape and comfort of the PrimaDonnas for our lady!

When I posted the Touch Me range on our social media sites, which were fronting their Ode to Curves campaign, I got a phone call from our lady asking me to put her size aside; I did but only if she would help me review the set! That is where I go from lingerie fitter and shop owner to “professional journo”!

Being a PrimaDonna wearer, what attracted you to the Touch me range?

“The colour and details on the bra. In your social media post you mentioned velvet and I thought that would feel amazing, and I was right! It feels really luxurious without being heavy which is what I love about it!”

Comfort wise how does the balcony shape compare to the full cup you usually wear?

“I wasn’t sure it would work for me if I’m honest but it gives me a great shape. The fabric is so soft and delicate it baffles me how it holds my boobs in place but it does!”

Give me 3 things you like about the range

“I love the RED! It’s so versatile, until I came here I never knew I could wear red under white! You weren’t lying I do it all the time now! The softness of the fabric, even after washing it still feels amazing – as good as new! Finally the shape, I like that I can wear a different shaped cup other than a full cup, it gives me more choice in my lingerie drawer!”

That is as far as my journalism skills stretch before I basically just ask the same question again!

The Touch Me range is available in our little shop and as you have read is a fabulous fitting bra for the fuller busted lady.