Just having a SOAK in the tub!!

From delicate lace and  intricate embroidery to molded, padded cupped bras, ALL lingerie will last longer if it is washed by hand! Even on a delicate or hand wash cycle your intimates will still come into contact with the drum in your washing machine. It is this banging against the drum that causes lace to flatten, wires to twist and push out and molded cups to become misshapen and dimpled. Which in turn will affect their fit overall.

Now a lot of ladies think hand washing your lingerie is an endless timely chore but not anymore! Our fabulous product Soak is so simple I even trust the MR to wash delicates! Yes it really is that simple – no offence sweet pea!

How it works

It’s simple! Pour 1tsp or 5ml into cool water in a clean washing up bowl or basin, I use the bathroom sink. Add your lingerie then leave for a minimum of 15 minutes. (If like me you are a fan of fake or spray tans leave for longer! ) once soaked gently squeeze/ drain the water from your lingerie – no need for rinsing- why make your job harder!! Then simply lay items flat to dry.

Now don’t go thinking because there is no rinsing it will leave your garments feeling scratchy or stiff. Soak is ace with fabric friendly, bio degradable, plant derived renewable ingredients. The bottles themselves are 100% recyclable with water based ink, making Soak as kind to the planet as it is to you clothes.

Due to the ingredients the sents are not overpowering, they are subtle, and delicate, the scents vary from citrus, a hint of fig, Spring blossom or something a little sweeter – Soak has a subtle fragrance for everyone!

It really is that simple and you can also use soak on cashmere, knitwear, swimwear and even baby clothes. This fabulous, versatile product is designed to effectively clean and revitalise your items while protecting not only the garments you cherish but also your skin!