mens guide to buying lingerie

You have decided to give the lady in your life an unforgettable gift and we are here to help you do just that.  By working together we will ensure that the gift will make her feel not only beautiful but desirable to you.

In order for us both to get it right we need you to follow our simple and stress-free guide to success.


Getting her size right is the most important step, so detective work is a must! You may need a  magnifying glass – those sizing labels can be tiny! There are two parts to a womans bra size:

• the first being a number (e.g 34)

• and a letter (e.g C or DD)

The size of the brief is also important but luckily easier! Most styles come in an XS-XL range, while afew range from 8-16. However, if you know what dress/clothing size she is we can advise the size of her intimate garments.

Colour and Style

This is the fun part! Think about what she usually wears – is there a colour she doesn’t have or a style she has always wanted to try? Get creative! However, it might be worth noting that a style you might like would not be at the top of her “to buy”list. If there is a particular style of bra she favours, for instance “balconnette”, we suggest you stick to it and experiment with some exciting colours instead.

This goes for briefs as well. You might want her to try a sexy g-string, but if she only wears Brazillian briefs or shorts, it might make her feel uncomfortable. The key to buying sexy lingerie she will forever love, is to shop for her, not for you, so think about what styles and colours will make her feel comfortable and therefore sexy.

The safe option

If you are still unsure or don’t know her size, play it safe and buy her an All About You Gift Voucher. That way she can come into the shop, be measured to ensure she is wearing the correct size and shape and she can have a bit of “me time” which all ladies crave.