Firstly congratulations on your pregnancy!

At All About You we understand that selecting the best size nursing bra during pregnancy can not only be tricky but confusing too.  This guide answers the most commonly asked questions.

When should I buy a nursing bra?

Most ladies tend to buy a nursing bra in the third trimester of pregnancy; that being said you may find you are likely to need a different fit far earlier on in your pregnancy. The simplest way to tell if you need a nursing bra is whether or not you are comfortable wearing your pre-pregnancy regular wired bra

Will I notice a change in my breasts during pregnancy?

During the first trimester at approximately 6- 8 weeks you may notice your breasts looking fuller and feeling incredibly tender – while your other half may appreciate this  you may adopt the “touch them and you will regret it face!”

At this time we would recommend you come in for an initial fitting; this does not need to be for a nursing bra but comfort and support is key at this stage.

The third trimester is generally when ladies come in for a nursing bra fitting. This can still be quite a tricky stage as one cannot predict how much milk each lady will produce and how this will affect the bust. We are very lucky to stock Royce nursing bras and they have an amazing expandable nursing bra which covers 3 cup sizes.

This bra is perfect for both pregnancy and the early stages of nursing.

When ladies have implemented a feeding routine and their breasts have settled, they come for a further fitting for a bra with just the one cup size.

Can I wear an underwire while pregnant or nursing?

There is nothing to stop you wearing an underwire while pregnant; comfort and ensuring your bust has enough support while allowing for your body to change shape is key.

If you choose to wear an underwire during nursing, ensure that you purchase a specific underwired nursing bra. These typically have softer and more flexible support wires, usually made out of bamboo-like material.

Regular underwired bras can be very rigid and uncomfortable and this can lead to mastitis. It is not advised to sleep in an underwired nursing bra.

What size nursing bra should I buy?

How long is a piece of string?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. The female body goes through a great deal during pregnancy – you are making a little person, so things are going to change. Your bust size may fluctuate significantly. What we tend to do is, when you are at 26(ish) weeks we will take your measurements and add an additional cup and band size.

For instance if at 26 weeks, your measurements show you are a 34DD we would go to a 36E, this allows further room for your rib cage to expand and your bust to grow. During the fitting we would fit the 36E on the tightest hook and eye – as you grow loosen the hook and eye on the back to give more room (basically the reverse of a regular bra fitting where you start on the loosest then work our way in).

Can I sleep in a nursing bra?

Simply – YES you can. There are no health risks associated with wearing a bra 24/7. That being said we would recommend that, if you wear a specific underwired nursing bra, you do not wear that to sleep in, as they can be more restricting on the bust and again may cause mastitis.

Will I need a nursing bra in my hospital bag?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to this, however we feel it is a good idea to have one at the ready for the birth of your little one!