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Did you know that during intense physical activity the bust can move up to 21cm?

Physical activity, no matter how strenuous, causes the bust to move and breasts to “bounce” up and down and even in a figure of eight! Continuous movements without the correct support can result in soreness, pain and sagging.

Sports bras are designed to reduce this movement and any impact caused by cardio work outs. Breasts do not have muscles and without proper support, stretching/sagging will occur in both the skin and the Coopers ligaments; these are the fibrous connections between the inner side of the breast skin and the pectoral muscles. These ligaments are largely responsible for maintaining the shape and configuration of the breast and bear a major portion of the task in preventing breast ptosis (sagging). By wearing the correct fitting and style sports bra you will minimise the impact to these ligaments by preventing the “bounce”. Once these ligaments are stretched they do not just ping back to their original form.

It doesn’t matter what size breasts you have, all ladies experience bust movement during physical activity. Therefore, every woman no matter what size she is, should wear the correct fitting sports bra whilst exercising.

We have outlined the types of sports bra’s for you below:

Compression braswork in the way they sound, by compressing breasts against the chest to restrict movement.

Encapsulation brashave individual cups. Each cup surrounds and supports each breast. Most regular bras are encapsulation bras and have no compression.

Combination compressioncombine compression with individual cups and offer the most support.

Bra tops / Vestsare vest tops with a built-in shelf bra. These are fine for low impact activities, but not for running.

Finally, there are differences in straps. Spaghetti straps provide less support than wider straps. Racer-back straps are more supportive than both spaghetti and scoop back.

We stock a variety of Sports Bras from Chantelle, Royce and Gossard and coming soon the Berlei Sports range as worn by Serena Williams.