Are you wearing your bra? Or is it wearing you?

I am sure many of you will look at the title of this blog and think “of course I’m wearing my bra, I put it on this morning!” That I can’t refute, however, if any of the following sound like a day in your life with your bra ……… Then maybe it’s wearing you?

Does the band ride up your back?

When you stand side on and look in the mirror, does your band sit even? Or is it riding up your back heading towards your neck? If this is the case the band is too big and offering you no support and will cause strain on your shoulders and neck.

The band part of your bra is supposed to sit firmly, flat and horizontal across your back. Your band provides 85% of the support given by your bra, if it is not sitting flat across your back it is not doing its job!!

Do your straps keep slipping, even after you have tightened them?

The straps slipping are linked to the band size, likeliness is you need to go down a band size to get the support you need.

You have spillover at the top, sides and bottom of the cup.

If your cup is basically “shielding your nipple from the cold” or you have “4 boob” you need to go up a cup size or two. Your breast starts at your breast bone in the middle of your chest and goes all the way to your under arm.

Do you have dents in your shoulders?

You may have a heavy bust, however, if you are wearing the correct band size, where 85% of the support is given, this should not happen!

The center of your bra does not sit flat to your chest The middle part of the bra, between the cups (the gore) should sit flat to your rib cage. If this is not the case go up a cup size, you should be able to move your arms freely without your bust getting trapped under the cups!

Finally Do you have neck or back issues?

If this is a Yes, it is likely you are not getting the support you need from your bra!

All or any of the above issues can lead to pain in your back or neck, if you can identify with any of these points pop in for a chat and a free fitting.

We aren’t here to judge just to help you realise how a properly fitting bra should make you feel and look!